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CJRTec’s line of die cutting machine comprises of swing arm clicker press, traveling head press, receding head press and beam press among others. Our beam clicker press is available in different tonnages (25 ton to 200 ton) to suit every customer’s business needs. We can do a test performance of any of our industrial die cutting machine to give you an idea what our products can do before purchasing anything.

30 ton beam-press

CJRTec is the largest manufacturer and distributor of high-grade clicker press machine in America. We have been in this line of business for over 10 years now and we have offices in the US, Philippines, Korea and China. Our services are centered on giving our customers 100% satisfaction with our products. For any concerns that you may have, drop us a line, we have a team of capable agents available on hand to help you.

35 ton beam press
200 beam press

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What sets CJR Tec apart?

  • CJR currently enjoys a market share of nearly 70% of all machines sold in USA.
  • CJR has over 40 machines in stock that can be shipped next day.
  • CJR has hundreds of American Clicker Presses in operation.
  • CJR sells to Fortune 500 companies all over the world.
  • CJR has engineers that can support your after-sale service.
  • CJR has an extensive clicker press parts department which offers next day shipping for everything you need.
  • CJR offers the only 5-year warranty* in the industry.
  • CJR offers FREE tonnage testing on any of our 40 machines in stock.
  • CJR offers a buyback program on all stock machines.
  • CJR offers a FREE loaner program on custom build machines.
  • CJR has hundreds of customers that you are encouraged to talk to.
  • CJR engineers will visit your facility to discuss current needs for FREE. All you do is pay for travel.